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27 May

At the front of the attacked and destroyed the newly established. He then sent the  troops under the command of von Reichwein that these entered the territory. Also the Norwegian army led by  province.

In connection with the imperial offensive in much of the  forces left Jutland, which allowed the Danes to try breast actives offensive in Scania. Danish action significantly impeded the predominance  fleet. After the exhaustion of his hand the king asked for mediation allied with Sweden, France, wishing to lead to peace talks. The negotiations culminated in the signing of peace in . Conditions for , the related were humiliating. The Swedes have received most of the gains that fall into their hands just after the first surprise attack. Swedish vessels are exempted from customs duties, which Denmark collects from individuals passing through the Sound. Norway lost to Sweden the provinces of Jämtland, Härjedalen and  lost its strategic importance to the  and they lived. In addition, the Swedes over the next 30 years were to occupy the provinces of Halland and Blekinge, and other territories, to secure performance of the conditions contained room.

The defeat of Denmark totally changed the balance of power between. Since then, a major maritime power in the Baltics was Sweden, which gained unrestricted access to the North Sea, and its area was no longer surrounded by the Danish-Norwegian possessions.

Losing the war meant that from then combined Danish-Norwegian monarchy was waiting for an opportunity for revenge in order to recover the lost territories. This desire for a dozen years later, led Denmark to attack Sweden in Poland involved, giving the beginning of another war between these countries.

The history of Protestant ideas are as old as the history of the Universal Church of Rome. From the moment when Christianity took its politicized form and the specific organization of the primacy of  began to appear in people who opposed the introduction and imposition of various doctrines favored by the bishops of Rome.

Vigilantus, who lived between the fourth and fifth centuries was the . Openly opposed the cult of relics and prayers to the dead martyrs in basilicas czuwaniom night in anticipation of the action of dead saints, extreme promoting clerical celibacy and the neglect of the poor believers in Jerusalem. His opinions have caused a sharp attack from Jerome, who challenged him from the ‘mad’ (Against Wigilancjuszowi, 5) [2] and was surprised that the bishop did not deliver it [which is to say: Satan or civil authority] for the destruction of the body [3]. The practice of issuing Christians Satan for the destruction of the body that, through disease, poverty or unfortunate cases lead to drastically stray  penance was applied only in favor of unrepentant sinners and heretics are in theIt meant to exclude a person from among the believers of serious offenses against the teachings. These cases were so extreme that the New Testament rarely mentions them. Jerome’s violent reaction indicates the beginning of the recognition of the Catholic tradition on a par with Scripture, because given the same right to education should be attributed to the apostolic Wigilancjuszowi, whose views of found it very dangerous heresy.


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27 May

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